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Keely Woolley

Inspirational Leadership Coach, Trainer & Mentor

Keely Woolley

For me, there is nothing better, than seeing the shine in someone’s eyes, when that light-bulb moment occurs and they re-discover their “Why”. Then being a part of their journey to help make it reality.

I’m an Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor & Trainer, International Speaker & #1 International Best Selling Author and a Business Strategy & Programme Delivery Executive. After 23 years’ experience within a global manufacturing environment, I decided take a leap of faith and step away from the corporate world, so that I could help to inspire other leaders & executives to be even more fulfilled & successful in their lives, personally & professionally.

My leadership style, creates a culture of engagement, trust and openness. Where individuals feel confident to share and discuss ideas, constructively challenge decisions and recognise individual strengths, thus building high performing teams and delivering success

I’m a proud mum and wife of 30 years, living in Kent, U.K.. With two extremely cuddly German Shepherds and an independent cat.

Dr Monika Gostic, PhD

Scientist & Multi Award-Winning Nutrition Coach

Dr Monika is an internationally recognised scientist who has successfully led countless people on their transformation towards more energy, brain focus, reduced chronic illnesses and autoimmune conditions.

Entrepreneur and employee wellness are at the forefront of any successful project! In most cases, people (especially women) tend to ignore their own well-being in order to spend more time on the projects (business, family..).

I coach female entrepreneurs how to eat to manage chronic illnesses, how to minimise depression and anxiety and how to balance hormones.


Dr Monika Gostic, PhD

Karen Britter

Rapid, Life-Changing Therapy for Businesswomen. Preventing burnout, Overwhelm, Stress, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain.

Karen Britter

From Bank Manager to Therapist!

My background is banking, starting at the age of 16 through to 37, when I started a family.  I held various roles during my career, finishing as a bank manager, responsible for a very busy fraud & dispute department.

I understand first-hand the physical and emotional demands that working in the corporate world can bring.  Juggling office politics, unrealistic deadlines and budgets whilst maintaining a happy, motivated team and still keep a big smile on my face.

I continued to work for the bank on a part-time basis while I brought up my family.

In 2013 I developed tinnitus and hearing loss.  Medical investigations indicated they were caused by stress and anxiety.  I went through a course of therapy, sorted myself out and decided I wanted to be able to help people in the same way I had been helped.

And so, I did!

Martin Sharp

Multi-Award-Winning International Consultant, Coach, Speaker and Author.

At age 43, his working lifestyle led him to weigh 154kg/340lb with a 54″/137cm waist. But by age 45, he weighed just 94kg/207lb with a 32″/81cm waist.

He now specialises in transforming busy and overweight business owners and consultants into fitter, happier and more confident.

As a business transformation consultant since 1993 working, with corporates on major changes ranging from $16bn digital asset transfers, £15bn airport purchases, to £1bn-£2bn growth structures and many multi-million improvement programmes.

Martin understands the unique challenges faced by busy professionals and why up until this point, it has not been easy to fit health into their lifestyle.

Martin has appeared on regional and national radio and television. He’s presented in the US, Middle East, Central Asia and across Europe. Plus regularly is asked to contribute articles in publications and welcomed as a guest on many Podcasts.


Martin Sharp

Venka de Rooij

Expert in Resolving Workplace Trauma

Venka De Rooij

Venka de Rooij is a trauma therapist based in London. She is a clinical psychotherapist,trauma & EMDR therapist who specialises in PTSD, CPTSD and complex trauma.   She has trained with international trauma experts Derek Farrell MBE, Bessel Van der Kolk, Janina Fisher, Laurel Parnell and Lori Gill.  

She is a member of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

Sherene Banner

Breathwork, Movement & Sound Bath Facilitator. 

Sherene is an international breathwork, mindfulness and somatic movement Yoga teacher and trainer who offers grounded and practical teachings focusing on techniques to improve internal awareness, self-regulation and well-being. Sherene has worked in multiple settings, from conventions, the corporate sector and open and private classes.

Sherene is also an integrated myofascial release practitioner and massage therapist so her teachings link all of her influences for the breath, body and mind. Sherene uses breathwork throughout all her teachings. It’s a high-impact, low effort short-cut to self-regulation, clearer thinking, improved focus, and increased level of energy. She uses various techniques with the breathwork combining visualisation and neuroscientific research to aid all sorts of ailments that can be found in the workplace- from stress, fatigue or to give more concentration and focus. And there is no barrier to entry – it can be done by anyone, from anywhere, and at any time.


Sherene Banner

James Bacon

The Body Fix Coach

James Bacon

James Bacon is a health and fitness industry professional. With over 20 years of personal experience and a 14-year business owner. A qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, Biomechanics coach and human movement specialist. James has helped people to become pain-free using his method ‘The Body Fix Method’ which enables people (no matter their age or ability) to make considerable improvements to their bodies. Using a form of rehabilitation, mobility, flexibility and stability to build a solid foundation in the body. Then reinforcing the work with strength training, fitness and nutrition. This allows clients to “Build a strong, energetic and pain-free body that lasts” James believes that no matter what age or starting position it is possible to see major improvements as “Movement is medicine”.

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