Find The Hero Within Workshop

Our performance relies on us finding and working from a deep place of empowerment. We all have a hero inside of us, just waiting to be awakened.

How Would it Feel to be confident in your abilities?

In this workshop it is possible to assist a group to at least reduce the occurrence of this experience without anyone having to declare they have this experience or even share what happens to them. So it respects their privacy.


A staggering 92% of people say they never achieve their goals.

While the goals used in the study were new years resolutions, it’s an astounding figure. Why do people give up so easily when it comes to achieving the things they desire? Perhaps, they need to awaken their hero within to champion them towards success.  

The hero’s journey workshop is an amazing experience that gets you to think strategically

about your ultimate path in life, AND, and that’s the unique magic of it, helps you get on
that path straight away through the different journeys in hypnosis.
I had a wonderful experience. I recommend it for anyone who is in between stories in their life and wondering what’s next for them. In a few hours, you will kickstart your journey toward your new life story !

Sophia D

Why Should We Find Our Hero Within?

You’ll never achieve your full potential without embracing your inner hero. We all have fears and doubts that hold us back from becoming our best selves. But if you can find the courage to face those fears head-on, you’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of achieving. Embracing your inner hero means stepping outside of your comfort zone and into unknown territory. 

It might sound a little daunting but the rewards are great. Attendees will gain a greater understanding of who they are as a person. Gaining the ability to see themselves in a new light and appreciating all they’ve been through in life. When you understand yourself better, it becomes easier to make positive changes in your life and live with purpose each day. 

This program explores each participants’ inherent archetype, allowing them to understand themselves on a deeper level. There are 12 archetypes in total.

The 12 are Ruler, Creator/artist, Sage, Innocent, Seeker, Destroyer, Orphan, Magician, Fool, Warrior, Lover and Caregiver. 

By learning about the persona of their individual archetype, attendees will be able to learn what they’re good at and find out what they’re not so good gaining insight as to why. The possibilities are individual and impossible to predict.


We can all be heroes: in our virtues, in our homes, in our lives.

James Ellis

How Will This Workshop Help?

We all have a hero inside us, just waiting to be awakened. Our performance relies upon us finding it and working from a deep place of empowerment. 

The workshop is highly personal, so that individuals may choose to share what they discover or remain silent. There is no pressure to disclose, although active participation is encouraged to get the best out of it. Attendees get to work with their own empowering archetype to support them on their way. The work is done through a series of short presentations to create engagement in the process, and these are each followed by a guided visualisation.

Attendees will learn that they already have an inner hero just waiting to be awakened and how to access this persona as they become the best version of themselves.

After attending, participants will be more engaged on how to relate their life goals to their role in an organisation for improved all-round performance.

This programme is best taken as an all-day workshop but can, by agreement, be delivered over  7 sessions.

After completing the workshops, attendees will: 

  • Uncover hidden talents and passions, so  they can finally start living the life they’ve always wanted
  • Imagine waking up every day feeling excited and motivated to take on whatever comes their way
  • Be able to connect with their innermost desires and make them a reality
  • Be more proactive in seeking to achieve their goals
  • Have the clarity and direction that comes with knowing their true purpose in life

What the Workshop Covers

Attendees will discover their archetype. This is like an inherent blueprint derived from our earliest ancestors. According to C G Jung, one of the founders of psychology, these archetypes are still active within us at our deepest level, just waiting to be re-engaged. They can be spotted in myths and fairytales, across cultures and across times. In this workshop, we work with 12 empowering archetypes. Participants will be invited as we explore their differing characteristics to work with one. 

























What's Included

What will attendees take away from the find your hero within workshop? 

  • Answers to some key life questions
  • Renewed focus on what is really important
  • Greater clarity about their direction
  • A revitalised sense of purpose
  • More able to engage with life’s challenges
  • Feeling empowered to live a fuller, more engaged life.

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