Presenting with Confidence Workshop

Fear of public speaking is reputed to be worse than the fear of death for many. It is reported that up to 30% of the public have this fear and education level has no relevance.

How Would it Feel to be Able to Present With Confidence?

This course is designed to get participants ready for speaking in public, be that at a meeting or standing in front of an audience to give a presentation. It is experiential in that attendees rehearse mentally what to do.


The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia ahead of death, spiders, or heights

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that public speaking anxiety, or glossophobia, affects about 73% of the population

Why is Public Speaking so Scary?

According to an American study 75% of people fear public speaking more than they fear death?! Whilst this data point may not be entirely conclusive, it’s well recognised that public speaking – whether it’s standing up in front of hundreds of people at a conference, speaking at your department meeting of 50, or sharing a presentation with your boss – fills most people with horror and is something many people actively avoid doing.

But why is this? Why do we find it so scary? What is it that leads us to think we would rather die than open our mouths and speak in front of an audience?

For many of us, it’s a fear of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone, and the feelings that accompany that fear. We know that we are going to feel nervous, anxious – even scared – and this is an uncomfortable feeling that we don’t enjoy or want to invite in.
This fear – and associated nerves – is often rooted in the fact that we can have little confidence in ourselves as a public speaker. We tell ourselves that we don’t know the topic, that we can’t keep the audience engaged, and that we are not very entertaining. More often than not, this isn’t true, but in our moments of panic, our mind is very happy to believe it.

The flip side of this is a fear of the audience – the perception that they are a pack of wolves out to get us and trip us up. Despite weeks of preparation and practice, we can still go into a presentation worrying that the audience is trying to catch us out – that they want to expose a lack of in-depth knowledge about the presentation topic, that they want to bombard us with difficult and challenging questions, that they are out to prove a point and prove us wrong. This can be particularly draining when we are new in our role or presenting to a group of people who we imagine to be significantly more senior or knowledgeable than us.


There are two types of speakers: – those that are nervous, and those that are liars.

Mark Twain

How Will This Workshop Help?

The fear of public speaking can be crippling in some instances. It can then be further compounded by the knowledge that all eyes are going to be on us a speaker – being in the spotlight is something many of us shy away from – combined with the worry that we are going, in some way, to make a fool of ourselves.

“What if my mind goes blank and I can’t remember what to say?”

“What if I go bright red and start sweating?”

“What if everyone can see my hands shaking as I hold my notes?”

Is it any wonder that people fear public speaking more than death?!

This course is designed to get participants ready for speaking in public, be that at a meeting or standing in front of an audience to give a presentation. It is experiential in that attendees rehearse mentally what to do.

It is available as a half or full day workshop.

After completing the workshop, delegates should:


  • Be able to cope with the fear typical of speaking in front of others, be they peers, colleagues or unknown listeners.
  • Know some of the key points which will make an audience want to listen
  •  What to say and what not to say
  • Feel confident in speaking in front of others
  • Know how to stay calm

What the Workshop Covers

The presenting with confidence workshop will teach attendees what to focus on when making a presentation. This will include things like the use of visual aids and the art of Mental rehearsal.

They will leave the workshop with clarity on the variety of factors that need to be considered in preparing to make any kind of presentation



Body Language


What's Included

What will attendees take away from the presenting with confidence workshop? 

  • How to understand their aim
  • How to use pace
  • How to choose language
  • How to rehearse
  • What to plan for
  • What makes your ‘talk’ standout

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